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Consoleplus.Com Sweepstake

Every week Consoleplus.Com draws one winner from the submitted surveys.
The winning price changes every week and is announced two weeks in advance.
The prices are different products from our store and also Game-Consoles during vaious seasons.

The winners are announced below and the weekly prize is listed two weeks in advance.

Week Winning prize of the week Winner
2/2015 X-Box One protective Sticker Paul Keyser
3/2015 PS4 Protective Sticker Christopher Plummer
4/2015 X-Box One protective Sticker Jim O'Conner
5/2015 PS4 Protective Sticker Bob Hearny
6/2015 X-Box One protective Sticker Kim Baker
7/2015 PS4 Protective Sticker Jose Gonzales
8/2015 X-Box One protective Sticker <drawing on 2014-02-22>
9/2015 PS4 Protective Sticker <drawing on 2014-03-01>

Please only submit once, since it will not increase your chances to win, as multiple submissions are deleted by the server.


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